Shawnee Pottery – Smiley Pig Cookie Jar

Posted on August 21, 2013 – 11:52 pm

Vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig Cookie JarThis is a hard to find Shawnee Smiley Pig with original cold paint circa 1942.Back view of Vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig It has two small chips on the lid of the cookie jar lid, but they are not visible when the lid is in place.Lid to Vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig There is a also small chipping on the bottom of the base — can easily be seen in the photos. $140 or best offer. Call 712-260-5372 for more info or view it in person at Medlar Studio, 10 West 4th Street in downtown Spencer — it is for sale on consignment there.Bottom view of Vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig jar

The Smiley Pig was one of Shawnee's most popular cookie jars.

Back view of Vintage Shawnee Smiley Pig

Two chips on the bottom of the lid - they do not show when placed on the jar


Bottom of jar shows the Shawnee USA mark and the small chipping

The first Smiley pig cookie jars were the cold painted jars, offered with either a blue or red scarf. There were many several different marks used on Shawnee cookie jars, including USA by itself; Patented/Smiley Co./Shawnee/U.S.A.; Patented Winnie/Shawnee/USA/61; Patented/Mugsey/USA; Patented/Winnie/USA/; USA/6; and Patented/Puss N Boots/U.S.A.

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2009-01-24 20:41:22 by mooonie

You might want to subscribe to publications that companies put out that flog reproductions on an ill informed public.
Everything from glass to "old toys" comes in this country from usually, the Far East.
Unless you're familiar with what the real article looks like, it can be daunting.
Having a little black light would be a good investment for you.
Very collectible pottery...ookie jars and the weight of cookie jar..this is an example..the real one weighs more and has wear on the "feet/hooves"
another example would be cast iron banks-antique stores are rife with them. You look for sloppy seams, modern screws
You need to become an expert in any area to be able to purchase without getting taken.
Old vintage art prints are another big area of fakes....

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  • Avatar JB How much is a vintage McCoy squirrel cookie jar worth?
    Nov 02, 2007 by JB | Posted in Hobbies & Crafts

    I have an old squirrel cookie jar marked "McCoy" much is it worth?

    • ....go to the library and do some research....or look it up on the internet. an antique shop could help you too.